The Power of Drama

If story has the power to engage with the children’s imagination; then drama is the key to bringing it alive. Drama is a natural form of expression for children. It can provide a safety net for them to explore social, moral, emotional and physical interactions and the consequences of these, developing essential life skills.

“”The benefits of drama are multifold: children have opportunities for their emotions to be expressed and controlled; they will begin to voice their opinions and to listen to and appreciate those of others.””

TES collection English Introducing Drama 17 May, 2011

Wizzleworld’s use of story-drama

Mr Wizzle will lead children on a journey, where opportunities are created to explore situations pertinent to their own life through drama. This will develop a secure sense of self and the world around them, enhancing a sense of inner calm and wellbeing. We will provide the opportunity to experience interpersonal reactions, reflecting appropriate (and inappropriate) responses where positive behaviour can be reinforced and negative labels challenged.

Our Drama provides equality of opportunity where every child is engaged in a learning opportunity and can achieve regardless of their ability, background and / or needs. Participation in sessions will serve to raise self-esteem, lower inhibitions and provide a creative outlet for the children. Most importantly the children will have a fun learning experience!!!”

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